Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Crazy Lady in The Yellow Wallpaper :: Yellow Wallpaper essays

The Yellow Wallpaper does no matter but confuse me. It seems to be abouta high strung, mentally ill woman who is preoccupy with rotting wallpaper. Thisyellow wallpaper obsesses her so much that she begins to distrust e realone, yether husband. She is terrified that someone will take her wallpaper or uprise outmore about it than she knows. One point I free-base interesting is that she sees a woman behind barstrying to repair out in the pattern of the wallpaper. This might be the only thingin this story that made sense to me. The pattern with the woman seems to berelated to the way she is being treated by her husband, John. John is rattlingprotective of her wife because she is in all reality a very sick woman. Shefeels trapped because of this and the way she sees the paper must be anindication. She sash up late at night and hours on end during the twenty-four hour period to stareat worthless, tattered, yellow wallpaper. This story really bored me to death. only I could think of was, when isthis story going to be over? I remember having a highly active imagination asa child but this is ridiculous. She sees mushrooms sprouting and women shakingbars and shes a centerfield aged woman. The last time I ever saw anything abutting tothat was when I was 10 years old and I saw G.I.Joes creeping up and down mywalls at night. I dont understand this woman fashion nor have I everexperienced anyone in real emotional state who acted this way. Johns wife is not an abused woman. She is actually well taken administer of and

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