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John F. Kennedy Essay -- Essays Papers

John F. KennedyOn November 22, 1963, while being driven through the streets ofD altogetheras, Texas, in his pen car, hot seat John F. Kennedy was shot dead,apparently by the lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. The earthly concern had non onlylost a common man, but a great leader of men.From his heroic actions in World War II to his presidency, makinddecisions to avert possible nuclear conflict with world superpowers, greatness keep be seen. Kennedy also found the time to author sev eral popularnovels from his experiences. His symbolic figure represented all the charm,vigor and optimism of youth as he led a nation into a new era of prosperity.From his birth into the powerful and influential Kenndy clan, much wasto be expected of him. Kennedy was natural on May 29, 1917 in Brookline,Massachuasetts. His father, Joe, Sr., was a successful businessman with many another(prenominal) political connections. Appointed by President Roosevelt, Joe Sr., wasgiven the chair of the Securities and transmute Comminision and later theprestigious position of United States ambassador to Great Britian. Hismother, Rose, was a loving housewife and took young John on frequent trips roughly historic Boston learning about American revolutionary history. bothparents impressed on their children that their uncouth had been good to theKennedys. Whatever benefits the family received from the country they weretold, must be returned by preforming some service for the country. TheKennedy clan include Joe, Jr., Bobby, Ted and their sisters, Eunice, Jean,Patricia, Rosemary, and Kathleen. Joe, Jr., was a significant figure in youndJohns analogous as he was the figure for most of Johns admiration. His erstwhile(a)brother was much bigger and stronger than John and took it upon himslef tobe Johns coach and protector. Johns childhood was full of sports, fun andactivity. This all ended when John grew old enough to leave for school.At the fester of 13, John left home to attend an away school for the basictime. Canterbury School, a boarding school in New Milford, Connecticut andChoate preparatory in Wallinford, Connecticut completed his elementaryeducation. John graduated in 1934 and was promised a trip to London as agraduation gift. currently after, John became ill with jaundice and would have togo to the hospital. He dog-tired the rest of the sumer trying to recover. He ... ... on January 3, 1967.Kennedy was the first President to be born in the 20th Century andwas real much a man of his time. He was restless, seeking, with a thirst ofknowledge, and he had a tang of deep commitment, not only to the peopleof the United States, but to the peoples of the world. numerous of the causes hefouhgt for exist today because of what he did for the rights of minorities, thepoor, the very old and the very young. He never took anything for grantedadn worked for everything he owned. Perhaps Kennedy summed up his sprightlinessbest in his own inaugural speech Ask not what your country can do for you,but ask what you can do for your country.BibliographyJim Marrs CROSSFIRE THE PLOT THAT KILLED KENNEDY, New York Carroll& Graf Publishers, 1989.James DiEugenio, DESTINY BETRAYED JFK, CUBA, AND THE GARRISONCASE, New York Sheridan square(p) Press, Inc., 1992.Harrison Edward Livingstone, HIGH TREASON 2, New York Carroll & GrafPublishers, & the cold warUrs Schwarz, John F. Kennedy, C.J. Bucher Ltd 1964Elizabeth Greenup, subject field Studies in Modern History, 1987

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