Monday, February 11, 2019

A MODEST PROPOSAL Essay -- essays research papers

In the nineteenth century, Ireland was marked by huge personal suffering. Civilians, predominantly the catholic lower and middle-classes, were having a hard meter finding jobs, paying rent, feeding their children, as easily as move up with overpopulation which contributed to the overall growing problem of poverty. During this time of suffering, many began to misgiving whether Britain acted as hastily and as effectively as they could have, as well as believing that centuries of British rule and/or political subjection was a fundamental cause of the famine (which originated from a potato trim failure). Jonathan Swift, a wretched-boy who found his niche as a social tyro/spokesman for Irish rights, after analyzing the possible causes, he concludes that England should not be the restore one to blame and therefore proposes a rather straightforward reply to Irelands evident predicament by insisting that the abundance of children of the poor to be used as a food supply.Jonathan S wift blames the English Protestants for their cruel and inhumane treatment of the papists, or poor Irish Catholics, through both political and economic oppression. This is seen when the authors persona believes that England would be more than willing to eat the Irish poor even if such a proposal had never been suggested, saying that, I could name a country which would be glad to eat up our whole country without it. Being a son of pauper parents, as well as having played out years in Ireland, he first han...

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