Thursday, February 14, 2019

Another Hamlet :: essays research papers

The real question is juncture kooky or is he scarcely acting it. Inmy opinion on that point are many amours throughout the play thatmake me tend to swear that he is crazy. When hamletenters Ophelius room and she has the question if he is truly insane or if he is just acting. Hamlet is proven o be crazy in thisplay and statements and actions he days and does are thething that prove this. There are many things that make metend to beleive that Hamlet is crazy. There are excessively manythings that he does that does non need to make you think thathe is crazy but for others to think this of him it just make mewant to beleive even more that he is crazy. One of the thingsthat shows that he is crazy is that he contemplates suicide oras Hamlet says " self slaughter", this is definately a true act ofpure craziness. Hamlet also wants to believe that he seesthis ghost of his father that is shady because when he is in theroom with his mother he starts to talk to the ghost and themother does not see it. Also when he walked into Opheliussroom he just stood on that point staring at her for a long time and no common person does this. This is just another example of oneof the examples that proves that Hamlet is crazy. Hamletalso has a lot of evil in him like when he killed Polomius forno reason when he was behind the curtains in his momsroom. Also when he sees his Uncle Claudius praying he isdeciding whether or not it is a good idea to kill him. Theseare just other examples how I think that he is crazy. Anotherimportnt thing to show that he is crazy is that he has no fearlike when he started to follow his father apparation evenwhen Horatio utter dont go because it could be dangerous.He also does things that are genuinely odd and random like whenOphelius and him were wathcing the play he just put his foreland in her lap and started mumbling about nothing. Hamletsimage has also got very scrubby by the way he dresses andthe way he looks. Ophelius express t hat when she saw him shewas scared. These are all examples about why I think that

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