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Stefan’s Diaries: Bloodlust Chapter 28

Remember the quantify we broke Mothers crystal cast? And I was so worried about how she would react that I cried? I asked.Yes, and consequently Father decided I was to blame and whipped me and called me wicked, Damon said dully. I tried to make your life easier, little brother. But Im done. This time, I sine qua non you to get exactly what you deserve.What do you want me to say, Damon? I asked angrily, so loud the two guards looked up in surprise.Damon paused, his look at half-mast. Ill grade you exactly what I want you to say chastise in advance I bug out you.I rolled my eyes in angry frustration. I thought you were the one who wanted to get out. And instantly youre going to kill me?Damon chuckled. You know, now that I count on about it, being a beast from infernal region might not be so bad. In fact, I think its a role I could take to, immensely. Perhaps it wasnt my newfound stir I despised. It wasyou. But if youre kaput(p)If Im gone youll be in Patrick Gallaghers en delegate forever, I interrupted.But admit it, brother. Dont you think Patrick Gallaghers freak show is more fun than sanatorium? And once I get slightly strength, I think I can plan an escape kind of easily.And then Im sure youll get caught, just as you did the first time, I said in disgust.I flexed my head bum against the con fair bars. The troth was one short hour away, and I hadnt given up on trying to engage Damon, to spark any possible thread of corporation between us. But no matter what Id say, hed taunt me or handle me.It was impossible to know just how long wed been trapped. Since I had fashion a vampire, time had taken on a different quality. Seconds and proceedings no longer mattered. I found being imprisoned gave time back its importance, because every second brought us closer to our battle. As I waited, I played out in my mind the various scenarios the flake could take. I pictured Damon snapping my neck, roaring triumphantly for the labor. I saw myself succumbing to anger, by the way stealing life from my brotheragain.But what would happen if we twain refused to budge? Could we take on the entire audience together? Could we somehow applied scientist an escape? Yes, Gallaghers minions had vervain and stakes, moreover we had Power. If lonesome(prenominal) I had Callie on my perspectiveMy heart panged painfully at the thought of Callies betrayal. The image of her flame-red hairs-breadth and glistering eyes floated to my mind constantly, inflaming my angerand hurtover and over. I curled my fists. If save Id listened to Lexi. If exclusively I hadnt let a human beings in.My only goal for the battle was that, if I should die, I would die with my eyes closed, instead of searching the cluster for her face.Lets go, boys Gallagher called out, pushing give way the door as if he were rousing two children for a bright and early hike. He wore a black waistcoat and a brand-new gold slang that glinted in the weak sunlight. He snappe d his fingers, and instantly the guards jumped to their feet, bustling to put on the makeshift uniform of a vampire handler gloves, boots, and vervain-soaked garlands.The door of the cage flew open, and guards roughly yanked us out, tightened muzzles most our fangs, and shackled our hands behind our backs. We were blindfolded, then marched out of the attic and into the back of a black iron black Maria. The wagon took off, bumpily heading down to the lake.When we arrived at the camp, we were marched in opposite directions.Boo freak I heard the sideshow acts hiss as I was marched through the annex area. I tightened my jaw. I wondered if Lexi wondered where I was, if she thought I was already dead.though I was still blindfolded, I knew every abut of this tent. To the left was the tattooed woman, and to the right was Caroline, the bearded lady. The floor dipped down, and I knew I was in the arena.I felt something grab my arm. Ive told a lot of people about what a crafty one you are . But dont try too hard for my benefit, Mr. Salvatore. My notes is on your brother, Jasper whispered gleefully.Finally, the blindfold was removed from my eyes. The tent was lit up like it was midday, and all the stands were crammed with people. At the center of the ring, Gallagher had set up a betting pool, where people frantically waved bills in the air. Organ music alter the tent, and the air smelled like candied apples and rum punch.And then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her.Callie was weaving through the stands, and behind her was Buck, carrying a tin box. Her hair was plaited with vervain stems, and her face was pale. Shed obviously been dispatched to collect bets in the stand. She was certainly her fathers daughter, and she fulfilled her duties well.She did not look at me once.I tore my stare away from her and forced it over to Damon on the opposite side of the ring. Damon had forever been a groovy fighter, and his recent bouts had only strengthened him. If Damon wa nted to kill me, he would. Moreover, I would let him. I owed him that much.Jasper struck the starting bell, and the crowd hushed. Gallagher stood up from his post in the betting pit and boomedWelcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another fine evening of sport made possible by yours truly, Patrick Gallagher. Only long time ago, we brought you the first-ever fight between a vampire and a mountain lion. Tonight, we beat you the first-ever fight between two vampires, including the winner of that previous match. And not only that, he said, dropping his voice and causing the crowd to hush and lean forward, these two monsters are brothers. They came from the same womb, and now one of them will be heading straight to hell.A rock hit me in the back of the head, and I whirled around. Vervain was everywhere, causing the sea of faces to blend together in a nightmarish collage of eyes, noses, and open mouths.Brother, Im sorry for anything Ive done. Please. If we die, lets not die in anger. Were al l we have, I whispered, clenching my jaw and trying, one last time, to draw Damon. Damon looked up for a split second and jerked his head, but his expression was unreadable. In the center of the ring, Gallagher was still commanding the audiences attention.The book will be open for another five minutes for final bets. But He elevated his hand in the air, attempting to silence the crowd. The noise in the tent dulled, if only slightly. Stay after the show, when well be selling the losers filiation. Even a dead vampires blood has healing powers. Cures all ailments. Even ones in the bedroom. Gallagher winked showily. The crowd catcalled and cheered. I stiffened, wondering whether the crowd thought this was all an act that we were down-on-our-luck actors and that the blood Gallagher sold after the show would be some type of cherry tree cordial. Did anyone know that all the blood would be real, that the fallen loser in the center of the ring wouldnt be standing up and heading inhabita tion once the tent was emptied?Callie knew. Callie knew, and she had decided that this would be my fate. I again seize my jaw, ready to fight, ready to give the audience the show it was looking for. Suddenly, I found myself being led around the ring by Jasper, bounteous the audience one final chance to scrutinize my strength before raising their stakes. I could hear snatches of conversation from all sides of the tentThat ones got an inch on the other. Im swapping sides.Howd your old lady like one of those for your anniversary?I wonder how theyd do against a real lion.A man spruced up in clerical robes stood next to Gallagher, raising his frocked arms to quiet the crowd. I recognized him as the snake charmer from the sideshow.May all good light shine upon this fight and return the losers soul to the cleansing fires of hell he yelled, causing the tent to erupt in a blare of noise. A whistle blew, and the fight was on.Damon circled toward me, his stance low to the ground, like when we were kids and expert boxing. I imitated his stance.Blood one drunken man yelled, practically temporary removal over the railing of the ring.Blood Blood Blood The entire tent seemed to be cheering. Damon and I continued to circle each other.Lets not do this, I said.Lets refuse. What can they do?Were beyond that, brother, Damon said.The two of us cant pass in the same world.Anger seeped into my limbs from the center of my being. Why couldnt we? And why couldnt Damon exonerate me? I no longer thought he was haunted by the memory of Katherine. Instead, I believed he was haunted byme. Not who I was, but who he thought I wasa monster who killed without fear or awareness of consequence. How dare he not even recognize the lengths Id gone to to try to make him happy, to try to save him? I swung, connecting with Damons cheek. Blood spurted down the stairs his eye, and the crowd roared.Damon wound up and swung back, hitting me on my shoulder and bang me down to the ground.Why did you do that? Damon hissed, baring his teeth to the delight of the crowd.Because you wanted it, I hissed back, baring my own teeth, then flipped him over into a headlock.He freed himself quickly and returned to his corner. We stood at opposite sides of the ring, staring at each other, both confused, angry, alone.Fight the crowd roared again. Gallagher glared at us, unsure what to do. He snapped his fingers, and Jasper and Buck ran toward us with stakes, determined to force us to fight each other. They prodded us until our bodies were only inches apart and both of our fists were raised, when a huge, echoing, booming crack that sounded like the set up splitting in two echoed from above. A cold wind whipped around us, causing a cloud of sawdust and debris to rise at our feet. I smelled smoke.Fire a panicked voice yelled.I looked around wildly. share of the tent was on fire, and people were running in all directions.ComeonI felt hands shoving my shoulders. Callie. My eyes opened wide in s urprise. Go, go, go Callie yelled, pushing me. She held an axe in her hand, and slowly I began piecing together what had happened. Had she rattling cut down the supports of the tent structure, then set the fire? involve Callie pushed me one more time. She was surprisingly strong for a human, and after a few seconds of stupidly standing and blinking in place, I grabbed Damon by the wrist, and we ran, past the tents, away from the river, faster and faster, heading toward my home.

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