Sunday, February 10, 2019

Bullying in our Schools Essay -- Violence Education Bullies Essays

Bullying in our Schools Bullies are an inextricable grammatical constituent of classroom culture, and they constitute been since long before it occurred to an educational expert to writer a study about them. For a long time, the attitude toward push around was that it is simply a natural part of the school experience with so many children together, some would say it is unavoidable but that it was approximatelyly clear and that the children would grow out of it. The events of April 20th, 1999 demonstrated just how dangerous that way of idea was. Every American remembers the shooting that occurred that day at Columbine high school School in Littleton, CO Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold opened fire on their classmates, bakers dozen of whom died of their injuries. Although the mass media jumped to blame the tragedy on violent video games and music, most local sources mentioned that Harris and Klebold had constantly been the victims of bullies, some of whom were among the deceased. The media quickly picked up the trail and conduct with their new story victims of boss around had brutally fought back against their tormentors. Appropriately, there was a national outcry parents demanded to know what could be done to prevent some other Columbine from happening in their childrens schools. Experts testified on national television, discussing what necessitate to be done to rectify the situation. The dialogue eventually closed, and, as it oftentimes goes, schools maintained the status quo. When the outrage died down, the pressure was lifted from schools shoulders, and their impetus to cloak change was removed. Pressure must be reapplied to accomplish this necessary death of reducing (if not eliminating) bullying in our school system. ... ...he elimination of bullying in our schools should be a prominent nationwide goal. Not only when does it generally inhibit the performance of victims, but it also can have muc h more explosive, pernicious effects, such as the Columbine slaughterhouse of 1999. It should be the priority of educators everywhere to do whatever they can to tick the safety and academic success of our students, and one of the first necessary steps in that uphill battle is to educate them in how to protect themselves from bullies. Until we as a society have done this, our main duty to our students, our children, volition remain unfulfilled.WORKS CITEDColumbine High School massacre. http//, Scott. Why Bullies playact Badly. Current Health Nov 2000. 20-1.Nudo, Lori. Fighting the Real Bullies. Prevention Nov 2004. 123-4.

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