Thursday, February 7, 2019

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The Pura Principle is mavin of the or so interesting stories written by Junot Diaz. The narrator of the recital is Yunior a character that Junot had used in earlier stories. The narration is also safe of potent language further makes it quite interesting to read. Analysis of the while it is also evident that the grade also flows nicely especially receivable to the presence of several interesting imagery. Upon reading the story one of the issues that fix to the mind of both reader is the question of what was main infrastructure that the author of the story wanted to convey. In this essay I argue that the writer of the story principally wanted to bring out typography of contravene that exits in the modern Americans family setting. This essay therefore presents a strong aspect that the story bring out theme of peace and betrothal that every family is subjected to.Right of from the beginning of the story the author first tries to describe the date that existed betwee n Yunior and his elder brother Rafa. The author states that Yunior started inebriation while he was still in high school. Whenever Rafa came home he does not cook meter to talk to his brother since he mostly spends time partying and drinking with his friends. Rafa even goes a step further where he comes home with women in spite of the objection by his mother of bringing women home without her approval. Rafa assumes that whatever advice he is given by his mother he can ignore with no consequences since at times he even goes ahead to spend time with his old girlfriend knowing very well that she is married. In most families peace is assumed to exist whenever the family members are able to sit and esteem time together. This type of peace is rarely seen in this story since in most cases no one seems to care what th... ...ossible to conclude that the author mainly wanted to show some of the conflicts that exist in the contemporary society. Family conflict is depicted in the story as inevitable but the circumstantial issue is how one deals with such issues. Others can also argue that the story does not have a specific theme since it only populate of a plot and voice of Yunior who is the main character. Lack of specific theme is also related to the fact that the story seems to be too simple. The story can also be seen to lack any specific theme since the author of the story makes several grammatical mistakes in mixing Spanish language with English. In addition the author also incorporates several unskilled languages in the story that further interfere with any plot of the story. The story can also be seen as to bring out womens liberationist related issues where women are demonstrated as powerless.

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