Sunday, February 10, 2019

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Robyn HodeOld incline folklore dates back to the beginning of American literature. A protagonist among many, robin poke bonnet (Robyn Hode in Old English manuscript) is introduced into many books and playwrights. Some may argue that Robin Hoods strategies for balancing bon ton were unethical, but thistheory could be strongly argued against, and furthermore disproven. Robin Hood could be considered ahero because of his excessive generosity, his ability to see either person as an equal individual, and his over every(prenominal) success to better society. To accurately view Robin Hoods motives, one must look past the rules and laws strike out aside for the lower class made by higher officials, and ensure that, heretofore more so in a less positive time period, that right and wrong does not depend on what the copious and powerfulsay is right and wrong. Robin Hood looked past each(prenominal) of this, identified the true, moral decisions that needed t o be made, and took charge. By doing so, and taking a small portion of the richs wealth and distributing it among the poor, is considered (arguably) one of the near notable heroes of the folkloreliterary era.In all of the tales written of the infamous Robin Hood, the characteristics illuminated most is hisexcessive generosity. Despite being declared an outlaw, Robin Hood is a good and generous person atheart, and is beloved by the township for his deeds. (Jurns) While thieving and causing (occasional) mishap, Robyn Hode kept one motive in mind, and that was to take from the undeserving,(fat and rich), and curb to the needy, (the poor). This obviously biased by assuming that all the rich are greedy and all the poor are desperate and deserving. In fact, in most cases people work hard fo... ...orth a sort of residue in society, one in which that needed to be presented. Because all the unfortunate people were too afraid to demand this comparison in society, Robin Hoods bravery to go in and fight for what he stood for was admired among the people.This is how he was presented the hero title, and why ballads and playwrights are told about him to this day.Robin Hoods strategy to better the society became a success. By stealing from the rich, to give to the poor, he not only set an example for people to fall out his role as a hero, but it also created a balance within the social classes. But today, taxes are distributed among the the country that are arguably fair. In Robins time, the wealthy placed harsh and unfair taxes among the people, many of them who could not afford to pay them. Failure to pay these taxes resulted in imprisonment, or even worse, death.

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