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Transcendentalism and Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay -- History Historical

Transc closingentalism and Ralph Waldo EmersonTranscendentalism was a literary movement that began in the beginning of the 1800s and lasted up until the Civil War. Ralph Waldo Emerson was a man whose views on life and the universe were intriguing and influential. Emerson, along with other great men, helped to deflect what Transcendentalism was and what it was to become. Without these men, Transcendentalism would not have been anything. Nor would these men have been anything without this concept. So what is Transcendentalism anyway and how have mens musical themes and outlooks been able generate it what it is remembered as?Transcendentalism was prominent in the cultural life of the U.S., particularly in invigorated England from 1836 to until just before the Civil War. The Revolutionary war had ended shortly before the time of Transcendentalism therefore, Emerson had been influenced by its affects and had share his fancys about war in his books. At the age of twelve, Emerson w rote Fair public security and Triumph blooms on golden wings, and War no more pf each(prenominal) his victories sings ( mode to Peace 2). He viewed war as being superfluous and in his eyes, the soul has no enemies and rises above all conflicts. He thought soldiers to be ridiculous and war to Abhorrent to all reason (Way to Peace 2), and against human progress. Basically he was against all war and his views on war were apparent in his writings. Even though he thought that the Civil War was good because it was trying to stop the evils of slavery, he hated the lack of freedom during the war, and he vowed that if martial law came to tally, that he would refuse it or move away. These events developed Transcendentalism though Emersons views and writings on war (Way to Peace 1-2).Transcendentalism in the States centered in Concord and Boston. The philosophy came from many different beliefs and slews thoughts and outlooks. Emerson was a huge person whose beliefs greatly influenced ho w transcendentalism evolved. round the year 0f 1836, a discussion group was formed in New England called the Transcendental Club. It met at various members houses and it included Emerson, Bronson Alcott, Frederick Henry Hedge, W. E. Channing and W. H. Channing, Theodore Parker, Margaret Fuller, Elizabeth Peabody, George Ripley, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry Thoreau, and Jones Very. From 1840 to 1844, a quarterl... ...ndentalists addressed were important for the people of that time to pay attention to, and end the corruption of war. Unfortunately, the transcendental movement, with its optimism about the indwelling divinity, self-sufficiency, and high potentialities of human nature, did not survive the crisis of the Civil War and its aftermath. The end of a great literary movement had arrived, but was the beginning of more to come (Abrams 217)??Emersons Concord home and a picture of him.Works CitedAbrams, M.H. A Glossary of literary Terms. Fort Worth Harcourt Brau Jovanovich College Pu blishers, 1985.American Literary Movements Transcendentalism. Oct. 1999 (10/5/99).American Transcendentalism.(1). Oct. 1999 (10/6/99).American Transcendentalism. (2). May 2000 (5/29/00).Biography of Emerson. http/members.xoom.com/_XMCM/RWEmerson/ whoisheohtm.The Way to Peace. Oct. 1999 (10/5/99).

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