Thursday, March 21, 2019

Privilege and Democracy :: Racism Race Prejudice Essays

Privilege and Democracy The raillery and concept, racism, is something that the majority of large number in American society fear to guggle about or to discuss. Race is a touchy subject and a problem that people try to avoid. If you ask anyone if they consider themselves a racist most likely the answer would be no. I, as a flannel Serbian, thought the same thing. However, after reading Beverly Tatums define Racism in Why Are All the Black Kids academic term together in the Cafeteria? and Peggy McIntoshs article, White Privilege and Male Privilege, I started to re-examine my perception and definition of racism. I wonder how race influences my knowledge domain as a white, female, heterosexual, and what role it plays in American society.In the setoff chapter of the book Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in Cafeteria Tatum defines racism as racial prejudice (9). The term racial prejudice is a term that I have heard since I was born. It is the term that the majority of people use in order to happen upon racism. It is a term that has been introduced to us and it was something that I never questioned. I dumb its meaning, only if I had never experienced it, until I came to the United States, Middlebury College. At the beginning, I could sense that this country had a history of oppressive racism, but at the same time after living here for ii years, I have come to the conclusion that racism is still present. It is unsaid to understand why, because for me it is so refreshing and rewarding to integrate and live with people of divers(prenominal) races. I do not have that opportunity in Serbia, since there, we lack diversity. Tatum asks us to think of racism not only in terms of personal prejudice, but as something larger, that operates as a brass of privileges advantages and privileges in a particular society (9). This idea provides me with a different perspective. Many people of a different race and color ar citizens of the United States, but do not have the power or equal opportunity for education or jobs compared to white citizens of this country. Simply world white in the United States opens many doors. By introducing this new bureau of looking at racism, Tatum sparks many thoughts and I realize that being white is still a great privilege in this sheltered society.

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