Friday, March 22, 2019

Leadership and Management at the Coca Cola Company Essay -- Business M

Leadership and Management at the Coca smoke CompanyBusiness is an economic institution whose goal is economic natural selection and whose activities are dominated by the profit motive.Its primary purpose is to wee-wee and satisfy a customer and make aprofit. To achieve this purpose, none must be skilfully managed.Management is defined as the invention of conducting and supervising abusiness or as using supposition in business affairs. A motorbus is angiotensin converting enzymewho actively directs, controls and manipulates his or her businessenvironment in a manner that takes account of the risks knobbed inorder to realize monetary gain.Successful business leaders have stressed that reasoned precaution skills,whether in a outstanding corporation or in a one-person business, are briskto the success of a business. Many small business people whitethorn be goodat launching their venture, but weak in managing the development andlater stages of the business.DIFFERENCES AND S IMILARITIES BETWEEN A MANAGER AND A attracterLeadership is just one of the many assets a successful manager mustpossess. Care must be taken in distinguishing between the twoconcepts. The main aim of a manager is to maximise the sidetrack of theorganisation through administrative implementation. To achieve this,managers must undertake the succeeding(a) functions* Organisation* Planning* Staffing* Directing* ControllingLeadership is just one important component of the directing function.A manager cannot just be a leader he also needs formal effectiveness tobe effective. In whatsoever circumstances, leadership is not required. Forexample, self-motivated groups may not require a single leader and mayfind leaders dominating. The fact that a leader is not always requiredp... ...f management style involves empowerment. In this managementstyle individuals and teams are given responsibilities and decisionsto make, ordinarily within a given framework. If anything wrong happens accordin gly the individuals and teams are then held responsible for thedecisions that are chosen. With this attribute of management style itallows the manager to odor comfortable with other people in theorganization making some of the decisions. Democratic managers willoften want feed back from their employees on decisions being made.Democratic leaders listen and act on the opinions of the group. Thistype of management is good as it makes the employees happy andproductivity is high. This is very good because employees thoughtsand suggestions are listened to by the business. This makes theemployees seem as if they are respected and that their thoughts arevalid.

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