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Developing an international marketing plan Essay

Working in teams of 4 5 students you volition dismantle a commonwealths cultural and economical environment in order to develop a merchandising program for a circumstantial output or service. The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate cross-cultural consciousness and evaluate a arenas trade potential. You should work as if you represent a company cookery to expand operations to some(prenominal) new countries. Your job is to take apart and tentatively propose a merchandiseing program for the companys harvest- age in one of the countries. The proceed word takes a base (15 pages plus as many appendixes, tables, etc. as needed) and a launching (each throng will piddle 15 transactions to present their work to the class). transport have The Country Notebook (p. 586) in International market by Cateora and Graham.Project Components1) recognize country2) Identify crop and develop product fact sheet3) Economic psychoanalysis4) Cultural analysis5) Market anal yze and competitive analysis6) Marketing propose1) Selecting a CountryPlease deal a country that you have some interest in and would like to develop in-depth knowledge. thither are only three restrictions in the preferion of a country 1) you must study a country other than your own, 2) two assemblys cannot select the same country, and 3) you cannot study the United States. You can select countries ranging from the most economic tout ensembley developed to most recent developing nations. You must have a country selected by week 3.2) Selecting a ProductThe focus of this labour is exclusively consumer products. You may choose any consumer product. You must also erect a 1 page product fact sheet identifying the product and product features (e.g., brand name, description, usage, purpose, benefits, unit size, cost, contents or other pertinent features). The product fact sheet is due in week 4. similarly include your product fact sheet as an appendix in your final examine.3) Econ omic digestEntire books have been written on the topics in this section, however I want you to demonstrate an understanding of the economic info and highlight points of particular significance from a marketing planning perspective. Potential categories of information include population, economic statistics and activity, developments in science and technology, diffusion systems, and media. Adapt and modify these categories as necessary. In addition, provide a 1-page succinct of the major economic points. The 1-page summary is due in week 6. in any case place the summary in the appendix of your final project.4) Cultural AnalysisYou will need to report cultural facts that you have identified and analyze these facts in terms of likely marketing implications. Relevant cultural information includes geographical setting, social institutions (family, education, political, legal, etc.), religion, living conditions, and language. In addition to reporting facts, it is essential to interp ret this information. You must answer the question What does this cultural information have to do with marketing?You will also have to complete a 2-page essay on what it is like to be a citizen of the country that you choose to study. The what it is like essay is due in week 6. Also include your essay as an appendix in your final project.5) Market audit and competitive analysisThis section is used to determine competitive market conditions and market potential. This information is then used to determine the extent of edition of the companys marketing mix. Consider the product and the market (e.g., postulate the conditions where the product will be sold, competitors, government involvement, market size, etc.).6) Marketing planThe information that you have developed should serve as a keister for your marketing plan. You need to identify the most effective means of marketing your product or service in the country identified. Categories include objectives, product, promotion, distrib ution, and price. Please indicate if you think that this is a profitable market opportunity for your product or service. Be current to include your recommendations. You have the option of recommending to market or not to market the product in the country. Make sure your decision is supported with adequate information.FORMAT ISSUES Be concise. The final product should be no more than 15 pages in length (not including appendices and references). The paper should be easily read and understood. o It should be written in concise business-style English o Use bullet-point statements with short explanatory paragraphs when appropriate. o Include charts and figures to describe numerical data. o Include pictures if appropriate. Form matters. The await of this document is important. It should look as if it has been profession whollyy prepared.Use double-spacing with 12-point font.all(a) tables, figures and appendices should be individually labeled and titled (e.g., Table 1 descriptive Statist ics of Appendix A Graphical Representation of ). Writing matters. I foreknow you to write clearly, using language that conveys what you mean. All constituents of the group should carefully gossip the document for grammatical and spelling errors. o You do not get credit for correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. However, you WILL MOST CERTAINLY get points if there are problems in this area.OTHER STUFF Each group should submit three exam questions (and answers) to the teacher prior to the presentation. One of these questions may be placed on the exam. History suggests that not every member of a group will actively participate in the project. In order to overcome this tendency, I will ask each group member to complete a peer evaluation for this project. This evaluation is think to force you to confront (as a group) at the start what expectations each of you has for the others in your group relative to this project. Each group is required to meet with the instructor during the term to make sure that the group is on the in force(p) furrow with the project. Be prepared to discuss what you will be doing, how you will be doing it, and how you will present this information in class. Rather than splitting the project up among group members and then putting it together at the end, I strongly urge you to approach it as a total entity. This will help with the flow of the writing and understanding of how each element relates to the others. o Your grade will be reduced if it appears that you slapped together four opposite parts written by four different people. Cite all of your sources.PRESENTATION GUIDELINES Each group is required to make a presentation to the class. Each group member must present, but the amount of time does not have to be shared equally across all members. Practice, practice, practice It is the only way to make sure that the timing is right and the only way to ensure that the transitions between speakers are smooth. It is important to imbibe the audience. Make the presentation fun and interesting. Ask questions, show enthusiasm, and include opthalmic aids and props when appropriate. Make an effort to face the class when youre speaking. People often have a tendency to talk to the screen. Also, do not stand in front of the screen. Remember, you want your audience to see it. Speak clearly and deliberately. Students often rush through the presentation. Remember, even though you are really familiar with the content, others are not. Presentation slides should include rich information to communicate the key points to the class. Attendance is mandatory for ALL students, whether presenting or not. It is the responsibility of the audience to listen attentively and to engage the speakers where appropriate.

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