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Annotating (Glass Castle)

An nonating (Glass rook) Glass castle Did you point out anything unusual slightly Jeannette Walls portrayal of poverty, or homelessness? Even though they had badness measures with food and different necessities, they still were happy as a family * When she was young, she viewed life as an adventure and when she got older and in West Virginia she started to cypher reality of her life and she didnt want to be seen as the miss who passs in the beat up house and the family that didnt al bureaus collapse food * She doesnt let her situation of poverty be an ease or a burden for not being successful and she knew she was exhalation to push past it * It limns that the Walls lifestyle was a choice, when her she figures out her mammy has had state worth a million dollars and she just valued to live the delegacy she was life history When did Jeannette figure out that her life was not normal? * When aim makers came to Welch and were making a documentary and she saw films about life in naked as a jaybird York, she saw there was life outside the way they were sustainment * When her popping was prostituting her out, her view of her father was changed * When she went over to a friends house they had a thermostat and she had never experience oneness forward and this she realized there was much more like that and the way she was sustentation wasnt normal Do you think her p arnts were mentally ill?Her mom would stay in bed for days at a time and she would not even demand c are of her own kids and do nothing, she was believably in depression The dad was an alcoholic (when he tried to retract in Arizona he had withdrawal) and this was a mental illness He might have been molested by his mother, Erma-When Erma was molesting Brian and the children told their father he denied it and became very angry, plausibly trying to cover up what happened to him He also never wanted to go to West Virginia, he said it was because of pride unless he was probably scared o f sacking back to Erma Being molested by his would pardon his alcoholism, his anger Annotating How do you know what is important enough to take notes on when you are reading? 1. Reveals some(prenominal) important detail about plot a. Exposition i. Time and Place of Setting, Setting Changes 1. Setting changes oft in Glass Castle 2. Sometimes time is very nasty to figure out, in Glass Castle they were watching Water ingress which was in 70s, they lived in Lyndon B Johnson apartment general anatomying and he was professorship in late 60s ii. Introduces us to Main Characters iii. Hints at, or Suggests, the Conflict 3.When Jeannette went to infirmary and her dad does the Skedaddle we know the problem is vent to involve her dad or parents iv. Gives us necessary background info, Anything we need to Know what is casualty 4. We need to know these things for the story to make sense b. High-Point v. Every steep point is like a mini climax in a story vi. The climax is the high point at the end c. orgasm vii. The point where the Main Character, or Protagonist, Can win or lose, live or die, succeed or fail. d. Denouement (Resolution) viii. Happens the second we know which way the climax is going to go-win or lose, live or die, etc. ix.The flood tide and Denouement happen in almost the exact same secondment e. Conflict x. Conflict is most important element of plot xi. infixed 5. Glass Castle had a lot of internal conflict going on in Jeannettes head xii. External Most Movies or stories 6. Ex Batman and Bane 2. When you come across special literary devices f. signal xiii. Something earlier in the story that gives a hint to something that happens later(prenominal) in the story g. Symbol xiv. In Glass Castle the Glass Castle is a symbol of promise in the beginning but later it becomes disappointment and failure because they realize their dad was never going to build h. Irony xv.When something happens that is the exact opposite of what you expect i. Flashback x vi. The whole Glass Castle is a flashback because she is telling the story of her childhood 7. A memoir is one long series of flashbacks j. Juxtaposition xvii. Where you put two opposite scenes succeeding(prenominal) to each other 8. Happens a lot in books 9. Ex When Jeannette is living in a very high end apartment and her parents are living the streets and dumpster diving 3. When it reveals the importance of the title k. Sometimes it is obvious but others it is not xviii. Ex In Glass Castle the beginning half(prenominal) of the book it was literally the house Rex was going to build and it represented hope and the future.Towards the end it represents disappointment in her father 4. Unfamiliar vocab words l. clan and Look up and write definition by it xix. Ex Hirsute-means get at or shaggy 5. When it reveals something important about a character m. New Character-Character List, Do every character and just put a lilliputian description on them with something specific what they sa id or did xx. Ex Brian advance up with the idea of the catapult instead of saying Jeannettes comrade n. Mark when a character does or says something that is out-of-character, or not typical of them xxi. Ex When Jeannette steals a watch from Mr. Becker (Eventually she brings it back) 6.Theme o. One of the main ideas or lessons that the source is trying to teach us in a book xxii. commonly more than one them, even in short stories p. Made up of two parts xxiii. Subject matter xxiv. Authors horizon 10. Ex Glass Castle is about poverty and homelessness and Jeannette is trying to show us that poverty can be a choice 7. bring out any phrases or sentences that you just like q. For whatever reason, funny, cool, just something you actually like 8. Take note of anything that reflects your own personal experience, or some idea youve had or something you strongly believe Things Mr. Danforth Tests On Level 1 QuestionsLiteral questions that you can find in the text concrete details you sh ould be able to point to in the book. They are basic facts from the story (Where she worked for her first job in New York. Level 2 Questions Questions that require us to read between the lines-us making deductions on details or facts that are in the story and we are deducing a fact that is not create verbally in the story. Means we come up with a fact, that is not pen in the story, base up on one of two other facts in the story. Never printed in the book. Ex. Why doesnt Cinderellas stepmother pick out her? Ex Rex is sexually abused by his mother. He would never go back to West Virginia and also his mother, Erma molested her grandson as well.Ex Rex is mentally ill based upon that he was molested by his mother and all the times he refused going back to West Virginia. She makes her clean all the time and gets all the rattling disgusting jobs and the other sisters dont do any chores. She treats her otherwise because she is not her real daughter, she is her step daughter. She is j ealous of Cinderella and her beauty and her daughters are surly and fat, or maybe shes jealous just for herself because she is old and not as pretty as Cinderella. Level 3 Reasoning Ideas that tie the story to real life in the present. Deep thinking themes. Ex Mental illness and homelessness in the Glass Castle

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