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The Watergate Scandal Essay -- Papers History USA Government Corrupt E

The Watergate ScandalThe mistrust most Americans feel toward the political relation officials and political parities of today can be traced back to the Watergate scandal of 1972, which lead to the resignation of an American president. The crimes of the Watergate scandal included political burglary, bribery, extortion, wiretapping (phone tapping), conspiracy, obstruction of justice, last of evidence, tax fraud, illegal use of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the federal official Bureau of Investigations (FBI), illegal campaign contributions, and use of taxpayers money for private purposes.On June 17, 1972, five men were arrested at 230 a.m. They were caught trying to tantalise the offices of the elected National Committee at the Watergate hotel and office complex in Washington D.C. When the police caught the men, they were in the office of Larry OBrien. He was chairman of the Democratic National Committee, whose job was to aid political chances in the Democratic pa rty get elected. In 1972, OBriens main priority was to befriend the Democratic candidate for president, Senator George McGovern. The five men, who were arrested, were identified the conterminous morning by two lawyers as, crowd together W. McCord, Jr., Bernard L. Barker, Frank A. Sturgis, Virgilro R. Gonzalez, and Eugenio R. Martinez. Reporters and politicians were interested in this case because they found out that McCord was a former member of the CIA. Its agents are not permitted to spy on Americans. non only was he a former member of the CIA, but directly he worked for the Committee for the Re-election of the president, or CRP. This Republican group was formed to help President Richard M. Nixon win a second term in office. Referring to G. Gordon Liddy, washstand M... ...atI shall resign presidency effective at noon tomorrow. (What Was Watergate? by Pamela Kilian )Gerald Ford was sworn in as president of the United States the next day.Watergate was not just a third- rate burglary, as Nixon cal direct it. It was much more. It led to many heinous crimes. It contributed many words and phrases to our present-day vocabulary. Because of this scandal, the suffix -gate volition now be acquainted with every Washington mishap. Because of this scandal race look at government officials differently today than they did before 1970.BibliographyWhat Was Watergate by Pamela KilianInternethttp//,com/cgi-bin/auth/story/c...t/chronicle/tower/97/06/20/edit2.htmlhttp//

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