Sunday, March 17, 2019

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As I thought of this article, many of the issues I watch faced as a single Hmong woman in her twenties came to mind. Should I cover the functional reasons why marriage is so important in the Hmong culture, curiously for women? Or do I talk about the lack of eligible, onetime(a) Hmong men? Better yet, should I complain about the attempts by my relatives to control me a good husband as if it were an unfortunate circumstance that I was single instead of a conscious choice? Thinking it over, though, I decided that all those questions boiled down to one fundamental true statement the Hmong community is still trying to learn how to treat the increasing shape of Hmong women who, like me, are making the choice to stay single in their mid-twenties.Today, single Hmong women in their mid-twenties are living on their own, sometimes in different cities, earning their own income, and making decisions independent of both their parents and clans. However, in a community where marriage defin es the moment an individual becomes an adult, these successes still have not allowed them to be treated or perceived as adults by the family and clan. Further much, in a culture where a womans post continues to be defined by the dominant male in her bearing either her father or her husband the independence of Hmong women in their mid-twenties has led to a displacement of traditional roles. My sister coined the term Christmas guide Age when someone told her that in order to be able to move up a good husband, a Hmong woman needed to be no older than twenty-five years old. Just like a Christmas channelise which is discarded after the 25th of December, the Hmong community seems to disregard women older than twenty-five as in-eligible marriage material. At twenty-five years of age, Ive achieve many of the goals I set for myself as a young girl, offset a successful flight in Corporate America, gaining financial freedom and traveling the globe. Yet, to many of my relatives, it se ems my life is still lacking the most captious ingredient a husband. While in college, my single status seemed more acceptable. However, as I have continued to focus on my career instead of a husband and as I have reached the deception twenty-five, the choice to remain single has become an increasing concern for my family.

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