Thursday, October 17, 2019

Training and Development of Hiring Practices Case Study

Training and Development of Hiring Practices - Case Study Example A competent staff is indispensable to gain and maintain the competitive advantage. A JA process is rigorous and as such, it needs an important trigger. Triggers such as a change in the organization’s value proposition are some of the aspects that could call for a JA (Watkins, Meiers, & Visser, 2012). As earlier discussed, Training Needs Analysis determines the particular range of the needs that are manageable through training. Nevertheless, it is vital to note that not all needs may prompt the need for training in fixing the perceived issue. A three-tiered approach to analyzing needs exists (Bowman, & Wilson, 2008). The organizational analysis allows the manager to view the performance of the organization and highlights the performance problems in particular departments within the firm (Narasimhan, & Ramanarayanan, 2012). The level of analysis pertains examining the internal environment of the organization. It also extends to possible influences on employee performance and constructing its fit in line with the objective of the organization (Watkins, Meiers, & Visser, 2012). To conduct an organizational analysis, information can stem from channels such as the goals of the organization, its mission statement, and strategies. At the operational level of analysis, focus shifts to knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary for the execution of specific tasks. Termed the task analysis, it calls for an extensive examination of a task to ease the identification of the abilities needed for the exemplary execution of the task (Lubke, 2011). As Shah, & Gopal, (2012) claim, job descriptions, and performance standards are among the most effective sources of information for the task analysis framework. A manager could ask â€Å"highlight the specific tasks you are to accomplish during the workshop,† or† â€Å"provide an overview of the tasks scheduled for tomorrow in order of priority?†Ã‚  Ã‚  

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