Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Bad Home Life Essay Example for Free

Bad Home Life Essay Children all over the world suffer everyday from bad home life, born with health problems, no shelter, abusive parents, not having enough food or water to have a good living. Majority of the children are robbed of their childhood. Everyone has heard about the problems in Africa mainly children dying of lack of food and clean water causing malnutriton. After researching more about what caught my eye was the problem in Uganda that has been going on for about twentyfive years and still happening today. It’s a very tragic and almost unbelievable story that this would happen in the lives of young children. Imagine the little kids you see on the playground at your nearby elementary school were running around with guns just shooting whatever got in their way. It’s basically an army led by Joseph Kony who was once a rebel of the army. Made up of thousands of children starting at five years old to adulthood. Majority of the children that have joined are dead now reaching a certain age. He was just not just a mass murderer but involved in many sex crimes as well. He starts by kidnapping the children from their homes the parents are killed in front of their children some the children are forced to shoot their parents. They are then forced to become apart of the army some disagree and are killed on the spot. Women are also captured to look after the young children that are captured they are also brutally raped some survive or killed, they become widowed too by the killing of their husbands. They also become responsible for feeding the children waking up early in the morning in search of food. The women become very restless and suffering due to the loss of their relatives and husbands. There is somewhat a change happening in Africa to help with this problem called the SOS Social Centre supports over 250 children and their mothers in the community who have been affected by the civil war with counseling, and medical, nutritional and educational support. Former soldiers of the army that have escaped also receive counseling. To think that these people and children do not have rights or health care that we here in America were born with is unbelievable. Many children in the SOS are orphans due to losing their parents, brother and sisters etc. , they have certain program for this called the Family Strengthening Program so there are less abandoned children. Today, chased beyond Ugandas borders, Kony stalks the wildly remote jungles straddling the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, and southern Sudan, eluding American backed efforts to end his demented war and save the children who suffer at his hand.

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