Saturday, October 12, 2019

Injuries and Ailments of Hamsters :: Hamsters Animals Veternarians Essays

Injuries and Ailments of Hamsters In general, hamsters (especially those in the wild) are robust little animals and aren't affected by many natural diseases. But, they are very susceptible to the infectious diseases of other animals, including humans. Many of the problems and ailments now associated with hamsters are a direct result of captivity. Because they are small, a minor illness can rapidly become major if immediate treatment isn't pursued. Since they are nocturnal many of the early signs of illness are not noticed. To insure good health, hamsters should be checked regularly: to include eating habits, exercise habits, teeth, limbs, body check for lumps, cuts and abrasions, etc. etc. A sick hamster generally becomes irritable and "bitey." They frequently become lethargic or walk almost stiff-legged if forced to move or may sit in a "hunched" position. The eyes are usually dull, sunken and sometimes watery. And, they don't eat much, which results in weight loss. SYMPTOM POSSIBLE CAUSE Blood in Urine Bladder & Kidney Infection Bloody Diarrhea Intussusception Breathing Heavy Shock - Colds & Influenza Broken Limb Broken Limb Bulging Anus Constipation - Intussusception - Rectal Prolapse Closed Eye(s) Impacted Pouch - Irritated Eyes Constipation Endoparasites Crusty Lesions in ears, face, feet Ear Mites Cuts & Bites Abscesses - Cuts & Bites Dragging Hind Quarters Broken Limb - Cage Paralysis - Hind Limb Paralysis Dry Scaly Skin Demodicosis - Mange - Mites - Ringworm - Sarcoptic Mange Eating Babies Cannibalism Eggs in Feces Endoparasites Excessive Drinking Bladder & Kidney Infection - Diabetes Extreme Diarrhea Tyzzer's Disease - Wet Tail Eye Rupture Eye Prolapse

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