Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Human Resources Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Human Resources - Assignment Example This is aimed at ensuring that all the roles work together to drive its business objectives. Tesco has a seven-part framework that describes the major skills and behaviors for each job at every level in the organization. This aids the employees to comprehend whether they have the right skills, knowledge, or resources to carry out their roles We are going to have an insight how Tesco company will utilize workforce planning to ensure that employees work efficiently. This is a systematic assessment of the future needs of the workforce and the determination of actions and strategies that are needed to meet those needs. Moreover, it is a systematic process that is integrated, ongoing, and methodological. It determines the human capital skills, when and where they will be required to meet the objectives of the organization. Discussion Workforce planning, organizational culture and employee efficiency It is very crucial for a company like Tesco to plan ahead thus the need for work force pla nning. This is because the company is rapidly expanding. This is because vacancies arise from the company when it creates new jobs when it changes its processes and technology, if employees leave the company, and when it opens new stores internationally and in the UK. As a result, the company uses strategic workforce planning where the positions are open, funded, and filled. Strategic workforce planning takes into consideration the projected loss of knowledge through exist of employees and the projected knowledge requirements for progressing and sustaining the business. The knowledge requirements may include new skills, technology, new roles, and documentation of key the workforce intelligence or new business demands. Planning is more agile, proactive, not exclusively top-down, less reactive and more driven by the line leadership. Therefore, workforce planning is a method that a business uses to forecast on the number and type of employees they currently need now and also in future. They then match the right type of employees to the requirements of the business. Workforce planning is helpful to many businesses as it helps them to identify trends, anticipation change, and implementing new policies from the human resources. Moreover, it is also an important part of the overall strategic plan of a business and should be centralized to ensure that the whole business can actually be taken into account. Strategic workforce planning helps the business leaders to anticipate the type, quality, and number of talent needed to execute the strategies of the business (Morell, 2011: 56-8). Tesco utilizes a workforce planning table to determine the anticipated demand for new staff. This considers both the non-managerial and managerial positions. The managers use this as a tool for determining where to focus development and also how to leverage the knowledge of the long term workers. For the employees it is an opportunity to contribute ideas and energy for improving the compan ies operations, future career opportunities, and an opportunity to understand the priorities of work and where contribution and skill is required most. The workforce planning process includes planning, implementing, evaluation, and assessment. The steps for workforce analysis include, conducting a workload analysis, assessing the current programs gaps, establishing the future skills gap and the capability requirements,

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