Friday, October 4, 2019

Page 50 51 and Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Page 50 51 and - Assignment Example Sketching an outline for a thesis is a good exercise for developing writing abilities. Check if each topic sentence clearly supports the thesis. Consider changing the organization if topic sentences and paragraphs are not connected to one another. Consider also changing the thesis if writing about the topic reveals something new. Change the essay, redraft change thesis and topic sentences. Be open to changing the essay if it doesn’t work out. Nothing is permanent when it comes to writing. Changes can happen as we collect information and develop arguments, paragraphs. Paragraph development. Beginning writers have weakness in developing paragraphs, so must practice in developing them by using topic sentence and information to support topic sentences. Each paragraph must support the topic sentence in different ways- explain, define, give examples, any way to support the topic sentence. Give sufficient information and evidence to support the topic sentence. Make information, clear and specific. Another example of fully developed paragraph. Used many examples to support the topic sentence. More convincing because of stories and examples that prove that Jesse James is a Robin Hood kind of outlaw. They all say something about the topic sentence- connection, unity is clear. Give more evidence to develop the paragraph. Give information that is connected to the topic sentence. Again, think of unity and coherence for each paragraph. Check each paragraph for unclear ideas or sentences that are not connected to the topic

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