Friday, October 18, 2019

Consumer behavior. iPhone 6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Consumer behavior. iPhone 6 - Essay Example Factors influencing Consumer behaviour. Situational Factors These influences result from the location, time and circumstances that surround a consumer. The main contributors of this factor include the emotions, urgency and social situation. All the determinants can influence the decision of buyers at all stages of the purchasing process. The emotions or feelings may include the moods and conditions of a person at particular moments. For example, illness, fatigue or having cash can make the consumer to buy a product. The recent purchase could be because I had money and good moods that made me buy the iPhone 6. The time factor can influence the decision of consumers in buying commodities. For example, the recent purchase occurred due to the urgent need of a phone for reading school notes while at home. People opt to skip the stages of the buying process due to their immediate needs for particular products. The social surroundings also influence consumer behaviour (Pride and Ferrell 212). For example, the decision to buy the iPhone 6, last month was influenced by my friends who accompanied me to the shopping mall. Psychological Factors These factors are related to the general consumers’ behaviours. They are internal, but, are influenced by external forces. The motives, perceptions and the attitudes of people influence their decision in buying goods. Motives can be described as the internal forces, which direct a person towards buying a product or achieving certain goals. Some motives are stronger than others.

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