Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Quest for Power or Control Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Quest for Power or Control - see ExampleConforming to the observations by these authors we are now in the formative period where there is broad respect for the worker as an important stakeholder and is greatly empowered. This has motivated the worker to greater outputs and closer ties with his organization. The finish of the company has become the cornerstone of judging the governance level of the company.Performance of the company is now tie with the performance of its workers. This human capital is now considered as the prime source of competitiveness. A new-made gesture of bonhomie has pervaded the corporate world and with the onset of globalization and multi-cultural workforce, companies are vying with each other to ensure that this normative pattern is not only maintained but enhanced.The technology was always the driver of change. New Internet-based technologies not only produced the knowledge worker but also introduced the concept of virtual offices and remote worke rs. Control got reduce and the ope perspicacious normative pattern has been disrupted. Rationalism too has no role in the current surroundings as the worker is no longer bound by geography. Today output has become the repair criteria for judging performance. All other system factors like discipline, culture, work rules, and others have become worthless.Both rational and normative theories have to be replaced by a new paradigm that has emerged out of them. A new culture is being evolved with the interactive web which is a common platform being used by all stakeholders and there is free interaction between all of them, including the final consumer. The new order comprises of flexibility, adaptability, and reactivity the result is action-oriented produced by high-skilled workers.

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