Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Internet TV Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Internet TV - Assignment mannequinAt the alike(p) time, it leave save huge cost of the viewing audience. The familiaritys aim is to hit the sack news instantly across its profits so that it reaches the customer on demand and at the same time faster than its competitors. The internet TV assume bequeath help the company achieve this goal. In the traditional TV model, the broad casting station had to depend on the cable operator for transmittance their news to viewing audience. Now, this model had limitation that some cable operator might charge extra coin to viewers to watch the channel which often acted as a barrier between the company and take aim audience. With the new O-T-T model, the company will be able to reach their customers directly through internet. The broadcasting network will start out payments from the customers directly by shifting to the new model, as it eliminates the cable operator from the picture. such model is beneficial for both the NBC as well as its viewers as the company will be able to receive new streams of revenues that were blocked with cable operators in the earlier model (Odlyzko, 2001, p.8). In short we can say that there will no net losers for the new model since the viewers will pay less since they are paying directly to broadcasting station and the NBC will receive greater revenues since it does not have to share its revenues with the cable operators. Action Plan for Rogers Rogers Communications Inc. is a alter Canadian telecommunication company. The company broadcasts its network across various media including the television, radio, internet, etc. If we consider the traditional TV model which the company used to reach their customer, we will find that the model has limited scope for contagious disease if the company wants to be global. This is mainly because when domestic company plans to operate globally, it has to take many clearances from the promotional boards. At the same time, it will need local anesthet ic distribution networks. Thus, we can say that the entire process is complex as well as technically costly to implement that way. The company has the option to opt the O-T-T TV model that will enable the global viewers, thanks to the application of e-commerce industry. This model does not need local distributors, or foreign clearances. All a customer needs to see their favorite channel is to bring together their television with internet using a set-top box. Thus, if Rogers implement this model, their organization will definitely have militant advantage as well as cost advantage. At the same time, large number of viewers across the globe may be targeted without any troubles. The model is very simple and easy to implement. In short, we may say that Rogers as well as its TV viewers will be gainers if this model is implemented by the organization. Action plan for Bell Canada Bell Canada is a Canadian telecommunication and media company. The companys main competitor is Rogers. With bo th the companys working in same business organisation of business, the company that will reach its viewers faster and smarter way will be the gainer. If Bell adapts the O-T-T model, it will significantly reduce its cost of transmission as they will not have to share their revenues with the middle-men or the cable

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