Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Leadership styles Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Leadership styles - question Paper ExampleTheir ability to perform the aforementioned things relies on the leaders style adopted. Thus, at some(prenominal) time the leader or the manager should employ these styles. An important issue arises and this will be field of operations in this paper, how are the managers capable of altering their lead styles (as described in situational leadership theory) to communicate and prod the employees. There are four leadership styles (the selling or coaching style, the participating or reenforcement style, the telling or directing style, and the delegating style) and each style will be discussed in circumstance and applied in the case of habitual galvanizing. Specifically, the paper will explore the leadership style of Jeff Immelt, the caput Executive Officer (CEO) of General galvanising. General electric car automobile is among many companies that have excelled in their leadership styles. The leadership style employed has been used as a benchmark for most organizations and companies. It is noted that the four leadership styles are crucial for the success or failure of a company. As seen in General electric automobile case, a leader or a manager can apply all the four leadership styles to steer the organization. However, there is a tendency to use one leadership style more than the others are. General galvanizing In 1876, in Menlo Park, New Jersey, Thomas Alva Edison opened a laboratory where he could picture the prospects of the dynamo and other electrical tools or devices that he had realized in the exposition. By the year 1890, Edison launched the Edison General electrical Company by merging his various businesses. At the same time, a competitor appeared, the Thomson-Houston Company. Thomson-Houston Company became the promontory electrical company through with(predicate) a series of unions or mergers led by Charles A. Coffin (General Electric Company, 2012). As the businesses grew, it became very difficult for either of the company to generate complete electrical installations depending entirely on their own technologies and patents. The two companies merged in the year 1892, and the new organization was called the General Electric Company. A number of Edisons initial business offerings are still a portion of General Electric (GE) today and they include transportation, power transmission, medical equipment, industrial products, and lighting. The initial GE Appliances electric fans were generated at the Ft. Wayne electric works in the early 1890s. Full line of cooking and heating devices was prototypal produced in 1907(General Electric Company, 2012). The GE Aircraft Engines started its operations in 1917 when the United States government started its search for a company that could produce the first airplane booster. Edisons experiments with plastic filaments for the light bulbs started in 1893 and this led to the creation of the GE Plastics department in 1930. The General Electric le aders over the years have created a diverse portfolio of prominent businessesa series of dominant company-wide initiatives that reduces cost and drives growth Controllership and financial strength that permit it capitalize on openings through several cycles and a collection of common values which permit it to face every environment with confidence(General Electric Company, 2012). Analysis The Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Model illustrates the relation between the willingness of the followers and leadership style based on relationship and task behaviors of leaders.

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