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Paul B&228umer, the narrator and protagonist in All Quiet on the Western Front, is a character who develops extensively at heart the course of the novel. As a young man, he is persuaded to join the German Army during World War I. This three year ordeal is marked by Pauls short, but tragic trek into adulthood as he learns to cope with the trials and tribulations of war. In the wake of a struggle which claims millions, Paul loses his precious innocence as he is further isolated from society and engulfed by bloodshed. Pauls evolution throughout the novel is a result of his having to adapt in order to survive. Pauls experiences in encounter shatter his former misconceptions of war consequently, he gains the ability to reflect on events with his own accord. His naive ideas be severely challenged when he first witnesses the ugly honor of war. The first bombardment showed us our mistake, and under it the world as they had taught it to us broke in pieces(13). Pauls first engagement in c ombat reveals that everything he was taught as a young recruit are lies consequently, he can now form his own conclusions. Through the ongoing course of the war, Paul comes to grips with the reality of the situation. They are strong and our desire is strong-but they are unattainable, and we know it(121). Paul realizes that the soldiers former lives are all but distant memories. His maturing personality gives him the insight to see past the frontage of war and expose it for what it truly is. Paul loses his innocence and childhood during the war as a result, he becomes a man. When Paul and his companions encounter some cut women, they exchange food for versed intercourse. We unwrap our parcels and hand them over to the women. Their eyes shine, it is obvious they are hungry(148). Through this transaction, Paul uses the women as an outlet for his sexual urges. Shortly after this rendezvous, Paul receives a leave of absence however, he finds it difficult to leave the war behind. Spea k to me - take me up - take me, deportment of my Youth - you who are care-free, beautiful - receive me again - (172). Paul can no longer conjure up the feelings of happiness which accompanied his youth, in midpoint his childhood is lost. The war has stripped Paul of his innocence and taken away everything that he treasured.

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