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Is the father really a good guy Essay Example for Free

Is the render really a full(a) goose EssayMcCarthy has given a masterpiece that has moved many people with the way he constructed the degree of the Road where a father and a boy were engaged in a life-time changing tragedy. There were also bighearted things that happened during that time by which one could question if the father is really a good guy. Upon reading the story, I am overly moved that the father is not that good. He may have saved the life of his intelligence that was close to riskiness. The father must do it since it was his responsibility as the pargonnt of the boy to take care of him in any circumstances until the boy r distributivelyes the right age.I echo on that part, being a responsible father to him is a good sign that he gives importance to his duties and obligations as a father. The father great power have provided the password with the things he need, and I think the boy greatly appreciates the effort in the story. However in the other parts o f the story, the father I think was indifferent with the issues that are widespread in their place. He may have comely aboutthing that makes him act that way. Nonetheless, as a citizen, he must show bits of concern with her own state.Read moreMy Father Goes to coquette EssayHe must have shown concern, if not participation for the movements that might have happened in the story. beingness a human being calls for many things in life. One must learn and understand that life isnt that grand. We cant see all the things we wanted, and never leave alone it happen that what we expect every other peoples interactions with us be that good, the way we would treat them. Seeing the differences and uniqueness of each one of us, I guess that there really are many things that have to be considered in order to look into something if its really good or bad.Life on earth is not a fantasy that we can just see the good things, however seeing the other things here, the bad things, unreasonable and strange things, we must evaluate, and I guess have to do something for the situation. In the story, there were inhumanities that are witnessed and I think, being a good citizen might apply by taking into action some virtues that we learn from our ancient thinkers. Like the saying that giving is always better than receiving presents, it is applicable with the kids the father has seen. as yet if they are not his sons or daughter, it was still a humane decision if he will fit a little help to them. Also, it might teach his son some of the good manners a man must do in order to give his life a better meaning. It will give the boy some ideas on how to react with every situation that comes along. If the father will just be gentle to other kids, then he (the son) might also be gentle and adjuvant in his future life. The end of the story was a sad one.After all his attempts to give his son a good life, the father still died and left his boy with no one else to be with. No one would have t aken care of the boy not until the time he was adopted by someone with a good heart. The example that the guy has set and has portrayed in the role was the good man, who in the past has been already following them. He showed concern with the father and the son, giving the son the scene not to be miserable in that situation.Being good in the real sense is sexual relation to the people who evaluate others. I think, in this case, I judged the father as a good father but not a good citizen. In evaluating this, he is not good since he is only good in one side. When someone or something is evaluated, it must first fit with the given categories. And since he was not consistent with the preferences I have set in seeing if a guy is a good guy or not, then he is a bad guy, ignoring some of the important things that might also affect his son in the long run.The guy could have just given his son some insights about life that will help him evaluate his own and of course, give him the idea of wh at a good citizen is. Instead, the other man who adopted the son was better showing concern, and seeing earlier the danger of the father overprotecting his son with all of the elements of life.Works Cited Cormac McCarthy. The Road. 2007. 13 December 2007. http//books. guardian. co. uk/reviews/generalfiction/0,,1956973,00. html.

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