Friday, April 19, 2019

Maya Angelou Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Maya Angelou - Essay ExampleThis newsprint will discuss her way of writing and highlight how she manages to inspire people with her works.Getting a rudimentary understanding of Angelous life is essential in order to understand her rime. She has explored the world of literature astray and is a writer, poet, actress, dancer, and producer. Due to her insurmountable experience in literature of different genres, she excels in presenting unique poetry (Kuhlman 12). From her autobiography, it is evident that Angelou managed to exhibit resilience despite the challenges she faced as a black woman. Her poetry highlights some aspects of her life. Background information on her life indicates that she spent her early childhood with her grandmother after her parents divorced. In her teen age, she lived with her mother. Other challenges in her life included rape and teenage pregnancy. Her life experiences ands the strength she manages to roll up from the circumstances in her life inspire her poetry.Maya Angelou has an incredible style of writing that makes her stand out among galore(postnominal) poets. Her poetry exhibits a constant use of strong language. She brings out mightiness in her arrangement of power and ideas making her poetry highly inspirational. Angelou explores several themes in poetry, and manages to utilize the power of language in communication with her audience. It is evident that her commodity command and use of language makes her poetry much more interesting. For example, in her poem still rise, there is evidence of her expertise in language use. An analysis of Angelous style in this poem will serve as a benchmark in getting highlights more or less its uniqueness. In this poem, she makes use of the usual English words to bring out an intense theme. In addition, she augments her good command of language with numerous literary devices. Angelou uses both short and long lines in her stanzas. However, she creates a Adonic version in her

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