Saturday, June 15, 2019

National culture and commitment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

National culture and commitment - Essay ExampleThe ethnical dimension of individualism versus collectivism will be discussed in detail and the implications for the organisation will be presented. Finally, the Saudi culture will be described, with token attention being paid to the Islamic and Bedouin traditions underpinning Saudi culture, and their impact on organisational management.Over decades of scholarly explorations, the topic of national culture has remained a much favoured topic, with diverse views on national culture being proposed. The increase in cross cultural interactions, brought about by globalisation, has further contributed to the need for deeper understanding of the theoretical setting and concepts of national culture and its influence on employee and organisational behaviour (Kalliny, Cruthirds, & Minor, 2006 Klein, Waxin, & Radnell, 2009). The characteristics of different cultures have been studied by different scholars, and various dimensions of national culture s have been used to taproom and define various cultures (Hofstede, 1998 House et. al, 2004 Mallehi 2007 Pothukitchi, 2002 Schein, 1998 Tayeb, 2005 Trompenaars & Hamden-Turner, 2000).The foundation for culture is the shared set of values and collective beliefs which in turn shape behaviour (Morgan, 1986). Research has indicated that such things as cognitive frameworks, learned behavioural norms, shared meanings and perceptions, ethical codes, stories, heroes, symbols, and rituals all serve to shape our sense of culture and thus our behaviours (Alvesson, 2002 Brown, 1995 Kreitner & Kinicki, 1998). Because of this shared foundation, people of the equivalent national culture are likely to behave in a similar manner and to share similar attitudes and perceptions (Hofstede, 2001). According to Francesco and Gold (1998), culture is the approximately useful tool in identifying and explaining differences in how people behave.Culture is not static, but rather is constantly changing and evolving.

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