Sunday, June 9, 2019

Assignment-Progress Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Assignment-Progress Report - Essay ExampleThis was in a blind taste that was being conducted by the cut wine experts. This was a significant victory for the company, mainly because it established Stag Leap cabernet as a leading wine manufacturer. It further made countries such(prenominal) as Australia, American, and North America to be recognized as leading wine manufacturers.One of the famous wine products for the organization is the Cask 23, and it is a fit of the Cabernet Sauvignon fruit from the Fay and SLV vinerys. This wine is not produced yearly, but seasonally, based on the availability of grapes in the above mentioned vineyards. Other wine products include the single and estate vineyard collection, as well as the Chardonnay, a wine product from the Arcadia vineyard owned by the company. The Napa Valley collection is also a serial of wines, made from the vineyards found in the Napa Valley (Phillips, 2010). These wines include Karia, Merlot, Artemis, etc. In gathering info rmation for this project, I am going to use network sources, journals and books. The internet is a rich source of information, and I would benefit from the companys website, and online wine reviews, while gathering information concerning this project. Journals are also essential sources of information, and they are reliable because information contained in them is peer reviewed. The books to be used will be the most current books, and written by reputable authors in the field of

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