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Film analysis Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Film analysis - Movie Review ExampleOnly a few phantasmal groups and NGOs in the world lifted a finger to end the violent deaths. This fact alone made Hotel Rwanda a significant movie (Gillespie, 2004). Discussion The seam of the 1994 conflict was the assassination of Rwandas Hutu president Juvenal Habyarimana. The Hutus claimed that it was the Tutsi who shot the presidents jet from the sky. Immediately, the militia and the Hutu army systematically started butchering the minority Tutsi. Following the Hutu extremists massacring the Tutsi population, capital of Minnesota Rusesabagina, a hotel manager, who was also a Hutu helped save the lives of his family and friends and those of over a thousand refugees. Paul gathered his neighbors and family into their cars and took off to the hotel. He put his own life at risk for the next hundred days by nourishing not only his children and wife but also other refugees who were of the Tutsi descents and a genocide mark. throughout this period, Paul bribed several senior Hutu army functionaries with gifts and money, bluffed and blackmailed them in order to have his hotel protected (Gillespie, 2004). According to this movie, outsiders did not mediate, just because Rwandans were Africans. Racism contributed to outsiders disinclination to become involved. ... The message is that never again shall this be allowed to take place in Rwanda or any other part of the world. As much as no one would want to experience such an ordeal for a second time, it would be utter naivety to assume that such barbarity is not likely to happen again somewhere in the world (Gillespie, 2004). Hotel Rwanda goes further to show that even in the middle of this crisis and brutality, some people have a heart, and they still care. This is another significant part of this film. Paul Rusesabagina was one of the few people who indeed cared. Paul was the manager of a four-star establishment in Kigali, The Hotel diethylstilboestrol Milles Collines (Gillespie, 2004). The man struggled to save peoples lives, and he took too many risks. Paul Rusesabagina is the films hero and a favorite character for many viewers. The relationship between Paul and his wife kept the movie grounded. In the beginning of the film, Pauls intentions were far from selfless. He was more concerned with fertilization favor with the powerful people than helping his fellow man. However, when the massacring began, he did not blink to offer his help. He used his associations with the people in power to protect Hutu and Tutsi refugees. Paul eventually sheltered approximately 1,286 refugees in his hotel. This was such an extraordinary feat by Paul. He made it possible mainly because of his wit, bravery influence, and learning (Gillespie, 2004) The envenomed UN colonel was another heroic figure in this movie. His duty was to bewitch the massacre without intervening. Other heroic figures were a Red Cross worker who was forced to watch the children she was trying to rescu e being put to death, a lot of anonymous Catholic nuns and priests, and a young news

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