Thursday, June 13, 2019

Global ,societal,and contemporary lssues Research Proposal

Global ,societal,and contemporary lssues - Research Proposal ExampleRegarding global economy, the engineering profession is likely to salmagundi in the next 20 years due to developments in the global economy. The energy consumption in the world is expected to rise because of rapidly increase population. Thus, the major source of fuel that is fossil fuel may diminish and fail to provide enough energy to cater for the population. At the same time, much emphasis is on the development of energy from renewable sources in order counter the effects of global warming caused by use of fossil fuels (Wuestenhagen 2689). Therefore, electric engineering will change to accommodate the need to produce energy from alternative sources other than fossil fuels. These alternative sources include solar energy, geothermal energy, and airlift energy.Concerning societal impact, the electronic engineering profession has documented a number of inventions and technological developments that bugger off had impacts on societies and cultures. For instance, cell phones have eased communication crossways places and countries, even in the remotest regions of the world. This faster communication is of great advantage because it enhance faster transfer of information, and allows individuals to connect with family members who are far. At the same time, cell phones have had negative impacts on communities including contributing to anti-social behaviors among friends and family members (Baron 5). Thus, interaction between individuals has become digital more than physical leading to introduction of digital culture.Contemporary technical issues in engineering include nanotechnology, which plays an important role in the society. Nanotechnology is a combination of science and engineering disciplines that deal with units larger than molecules and atoms, but fall in the set up of 1-100 nanometers (BBC 2). Nanotechnology has been applied in several aspects of life including medicine to

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