Tuesday, June 18, 2019

La Maravilla Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

La Maravilla - Essay Example...Remember, you are not white, and if someday you convey yourself asking a white mans questions, the answer will not be there for you Vea, 217-218.Adobe homes, shacks made up of tarpaper, Cadillacs adorned with rust, and of course, out of shape poke trucks that were popularly known as Buckeye. It was in the desert outside of the city of Phoenix wherein the wonders of various cultural myths, were brought to life.La Maravilla symbolizes being a part of two different worlds and of being pulled apart by love and fear of both. It depicts the blanket of marigolds - the flower of the dead - adorning the graves of Mexican cemeteries as fountainhead as the imaginary dog considered consecrated by the Aztecs a dog that was believed to have returned from the lower-world to guide a person to the land of the dead known as Mictlan. The gaps were represented by the two different worlds which were not far from being reached by a person.

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