Friday, September 27, 2019

Importance of Management Information Systems Assignment

Importance of Management Information Systems - Assignment Example I agree with the author’s claims about Management Information Systems (MIS) being the most important class a student can take in an undergraduate business class. This is so because it is all about how people whether as an individual entity, a group or even the whole organization can use the set systems and technology to make decisions for the benefit of the whole organization. The good thing about this is that it encourages uniform decision making and hence no extreme decisions that may affect productivity and sustainability of the organization negatively can take place.   The author mentions that the greatest advantage of an MIS is the fact that it can be utilized in any department in the organization whether   in marketing, accounting and finance, manufacturing, human resource department, in the social application or even in other general departments (Gupta 255). This is true and I agree with it because MIS has a set of systems it proposes organizations or groups to use and once they are engaged, they can be able to pinpoint out the areas the company or group needs to improve on and which ones are already perfect. This can happen in any department as long as the records kept are correct and updated. I however disagree with the author’s assertions that an MIS system is not as effective when utilized by an individual entity as it is when utilized by a group of people or the whole organization (Gupta 356). I disagree because MIS has already set systems in place and hence anyone with good knowledge of how to utilize them can gain meaningful results similar to what an organization or a group of people get.   

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