Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Answer Sheet for HD4 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Answer Sheet for HD4 - Assignment Example The assignment "Answer Sheet for HD4" presents the overview of information regarding statistics like scales of measurements and what they are used for, types of variables and how they are reported. Mean is the average of a set of data collected. It is calculated by adding observed values, diving by a number of observations. It summarizes a single variable. Median is the middle value in a set of collected data. The data is arranged in order value. It is important for variables like age, income, and turnover. The mode is the data that commonly appears in a set of collected data. Standard deviation shows the range of variation of a particular group from the mean score. Its concept relies on splitting the dataset into smaller values for evaluation. Validity evidence is based on content and criteria. The evidence for reliability is a test-retest method, alternate forms, internal consistency, and inter-scorer reliability. The dependent variable in the study is the impact of social networking on the learning process. It was determined by a comparison between regions and the number of users of social networking. Validity was established through data collected as evidence. Reliability was done through questions like; how can electronic media and social networking improve teaching and learning of the course? Collect data on the preferences of the students and establish the standard deviation. Poor academic performance cannot be used to validate that a student has low intelligence, perseverance, honesty and other variances.

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