Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Erica Homes ltd. Project Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Erica Homes ltd. Project - Research Proposal Example At this time the city has considerable problems with migrants who don’t have a place to work and often not even a place to live. It is thought that the Olympics will provide a chance for the development of the area, for the creation of new jobs and for the integration into society of all the people with ethnic origins other that British. Erica Homes ltd. is planning to take advantage of this event and exploit it to the maximum. If the company purchases land right now it will do it very cheaply. However, as the 2012 Olympic is drawing nearer the value of the land in the outskirts of London will double, if not even triple and the prices of housing in the area will rise accordingly. Thus a great profit for all developers that manage to built before that time. Erica Homes ltd.’s strategy is to purchase land in the area, to build high quality luxurious apartments and to sell them when the market value of estates raises, thus realizing the desired profit. The company will hire internationally renowned engineers, architects, chartered accountants and IT experts. Erica Homes ltd. will employ the strategy of participative decision making. The centralization of decision making has been found to have in most cases a negative impact on a company’s relations between its employees and its management. Training, on the other hand has the exact opposite effect on the relations. Therefore Erica Homes ltd. is focusing on developing a structure of the organization that is based on communication in all levels. Every employee has to be able to have an impact on the management of the company and he has to feel it, motivating him to work harder and better. This would also encourage the appropriate integration of all employees, even problematic integrations. In order to achieve this system of participative decision making we are encouraging every employee in Erica Homes ltd. to own shares in the company. However little the investment might be, it will make that person feel linked to the organization in a proprietary sort of way and act accordingly. We will not only offer jobs to 1000 people, we are offering long term investment plans. Other organizations have applied this strategy and it has proven very effective because a person who feels secure about his future and the future of his family is more productive. "Members are part of a common social system or clan and are bonded together through the development of a sense of affiliation and belonging"1. Employees of Erica Homes ltd. will develop a sense of loyalty towards the company. In terms of structure the company will have a Board of Directors, a Shareholders Meeting, a General Manager, managers of the different departments and employees in each department. Erica Homes ltd. aims at being adaptable and flexible according to the needs of its employees and to the market. The good management of the company has to accomplish this while being stable and controlled. "There needs to be growth, resource acquisition and external support, but also tight internal information management and formal communication. The framework suggests an emphasis on the value of human resources, but also emphasizes planning and goal setting"2. Information sharing in the company will be very important. "As a catalyst for organisational growth, the sharing of knowledge is vital to an organisation"3. This will add value to the company and help with the achievement of the participative decision making strategy. Information exchange stimulates creativity and creates intellectual assets which are more important for a company than physical assets. "Sharing knowledge within organisations provides the opportunity to discuss know-what and know-how practices to direct the organisation towards future development and growth"4. The shareholders will elaborate plans and goals for long periods of time. The Board

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