Wednesday, September 4, 2019

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This essay is to give an analysis of the television series, The Big Bang Theory CBS (2007- ) specifically the first episodes of season one, which introduces the five main characters of the series. I will be taking a look at the genre of the programme and how the programme falls into the specific genre and also a look at use of mise-en-scà ¨ne used in the first episode of the series. I will be undertaking this essay by explaining each approach with the use of theory and analysing this against the program in question and finally, my conclusion will be a summary of the points I have made within the analysis of genre and mise-en-scà ¨ne. In applying genre theory, I will proceed to analyse how the television series, The Big Bang Theory falls into the situation comedy as a genre. Firstly an understanding of genre is needed before an analysis can begin. ‘Genre derives from the French word meaning type’ (Bignell 2008: 116). Broadly used in, literary and media, more recently linguistics, to referring to a distinctive type of 'text'. (Chandler 1997). The term ‘Can be defined as patterns/ forms/ styles/ structures which transcend individual art products, and which supervise both their construction by artists and their reading by audiences.’ (Ryall, 1975: 28). Genres allow us to organise material into smaller categories, identify the ‘artistic product we want’ (Creeber, 2008). Having begun with the Greek philosopher Aristotle when he began to outline different works in to categories the term is still in use today and, now in television genres are used to differentiate a number of diver se television shows from each other, distinguish the comparisons between them in the content, style, and format of the show. Genre in television has become a sign... ...defined but with theorists having their own views and opinions on in what way they organise genre. Questioning whether genre is a possession of television texts themselves or a method audiences and producers understand them. Furthermore, mise-en-scene a respected tool for supporting directors in filmmaking for them to help the audience convey what is occurring within each scene with use of locations the characters are seen in and the props used by these characters. The Big Bang Theory fits the category of being a sitcom having followed in the footsteps of previous sitcoms with its comedic actors and continues jokes, familiar settings and sticking into its thirty minute time slot. In addition, the use of mise-en-scene is used well, viewers will be able to look at the scene of The Big Bang Theory and know the concept of the show and works in a way like genre does.

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