Thursday, August 29, 2019

Rewrite Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Rewrite - Essay Example He expressed how he engrossed himself in the campaign of another congressman and how with time, his role and position gradually shifted to a higher level. He succeeded in attaining a higher position in the society because he worked with real spirit while taking care to keep his values high and maintain his work ethics which is why, people began to look up to him as a leader. Therefore, public support and his own solid determination led Mr. Martin to seek and fill the position of a city councilman. Mr. Martin took care to discuss many professional areas which hold much importance in one’s life as one progresses in career. He told how congressmen also have families for which they want to save money in order to live more comfortably. This seemed to be an interesting area to discuss since it related heavily with every other human’s tendency to make or save money so that a comfortable living could be managed. Mr. Martin tried explaining his decision to save or gain extra money by giving the idea of falling into a trap or taking the bait that is often presented to the politicians nearly every other day. But, it was easy to see how Mr. Martin failed to remember or discuss his weak points or blunders he committed during his professional career. This is because he abstained from mentioning the names of the people who helped him reaching the great positions of influence. Also, he did not discuss the incident where he took some $75000 on a contract which shows that he did remain involved in many cases of bribery. This also led the public to assume that if Mr. Martin made mistakes in one area, he might have done similar mistakes in other areas as well. Mr. Martin told how when one consciously or unconsciously drops the guard, one becomes a part of the established societal system. He mentioned this point to explain how one starts violating work ethics and

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