Friday, August 2, 2019

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Human dealing with different mission, depending on the job environment and the problem space is called as the processor of information. This concept describes how does the man processes job oriented representational information. Information processing concept mainly describes the processes of human problem solving, features of information system that carries out the processes and the nature of job environment in which the processes function. Definite differences in the behavior by individuals and by responsibilities, and also the general expectedness of intelligent behavior from the requirements of the job are the general features of human behavior. This challenges all attempts to develop human thinking. In human problem solving memory, handling, programs, retrieval time, etc are the main constitutes of information processing system. Each person is a member of inhabitants. Every person differs methodically, unique inherent grant and historical treasure. This study has been studied in detail in this book by developing a discussion on Chess, symbolic logic and algebra like puzzles. Th...

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