Thursday, August 15, 2019

Marketing and Unstructured Approaches Essay

Marketers have different views of how to position a brand. Some value structured approaches such as the competitive positioning model described in the chapter, which focuses on specific points-of-parity and points-of-difference. Others prefer unstructured approaches that rely more on stories, narratives, and other flowing depictions. Take a position: The best way to position a brand is through a structured approach versus the best way to position a brand is through an unstructured approach. I’d like to choose unstructured approaches to position a brand. First, I admit that structured approaches are quite straight forward with clearly demonstrated introduction. No matter specific points-of-parity or points-of-difference, they have clear and direct problems to solve and goals to achieve. By utilizing this strategy, things may go well and effectively, but this is probably in the short run. We need to look further and realize that every brand is representing a kind of unique culture. It is like a special individual with distinctive characteristics. However, stories, narratives and depictions are not rigid, more acceptable and interesting than structured approaches for consumers. As a customer I would tend to listen to every vivid and fascinating story to get familiar to a brand that I did not know before. The final goal is to build competitive advantages. Structured approaches are aiming to it directly, while unstructured are potentially affecting consumers to remember the brand. In fact, for every company it values for most part on making consumers to remember its brand and products. Yet for human beings, it is easier to remember a thing when it involves a kind of scene than pop directly to them out of nowhere. For most of us, there are usually some scenes in our lives that we never forget, maybe they are not important at all, but the specific scene, surrounds and backgrounds involving incidents make us always remember them. In a similar way, introducing a brand with stories is trying to build a kind of unique brand culture and let consumers get to know and remember it gradually. In the short run, this may not bring substantial and direct profit, but in the long run, it contributes a lot in setting up a unique and unforgettable culture for the company.

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