Friday, July 26, 2019

Transnational Negotiation Experience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Transnational Negotiation Experience - Essay Example There is a very tight competition in transnational banking markets. Due to the market competition, many people consider that one of the best ways for managers to be able to compete in the market is to increase their negotiation skills not only when dealing with clients but also with a large group of employees. Given the fact that I have been employed in a local bank for a little more than four years, I intend to describe two of my personal negotiating experiences with bank clients and a bank manager I dealt with several years ago. In the process of discussing my personal negotiating experiences, strategic ways I have applied when dealing with a client and a group of employees will be tackled. Eventually, the outcomes of each negotiating processes will be analyzed. For several years, I work in a local bank as a teller. As part of a teller’s main tasks, it is my job responsibility to provide the clients with competitive quality customer service at all times. One way to ensure that clients are given good quality customer service is to ensure that each client receives an efficient and accurate banking transaction processes. Aside from giving them quality service, part of our job is to sell the bank’s newly offered products and services to our customers each day. In many cases, I have come across dealing with clients who are planning to open new personal accounts. The most common queries I have received from clients is where to put their money to earn the biggest interest rate for their savings. Normally, I would discuss with them several bank products such as a normal savings account which they can easily open with a minimum deposit of US$200 which comes with a passbook and an atm card aside from the time deposit option of 30, 60, and 90 days which gives more interest rate than a normal personal bank account. Upon presenting the bank products they can choose from, I would intentionally inform them the advantages and disadvantages of

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