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Crossover of Opera to Popular Music Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Crossover of Opera to Popular Music - Essay Example Opera music also has an extended work that is dramatic in nature. How opera crossed over to film commercials and radios In Western opera, narratives are usually expressed musically in radio commercials. This may seem unrealistic at times. Several arias can be removed from opera music without affecting the story lines at any point in time. Despite removing all the gratuitous arias, Western opera music has never been criticized at any point. The reason is that most people believe that opera is a little concerned with narrative of the economy and realism. Hindi films are perfect examples that show how opera music has transformed from the music part into films. The powerful films, television, radio commercials and the internet demonstrate steps taken by India to embrace the crossover. It is arguable that some Hindi songs are better incorporated and presented. The music has incorporated opera music into their films. Their films are gratuitous and they can be seen to arise from familiarity of some set conventions. These conventions deem the cinema with characters voicing their emotions. Although there is immense pressure from Hollywood, high Western and cultural discourses see the Hindi films immature and unrealistic due to the incorporation of opera music in their films. The musical nature of Hindi films is usually characterized as expressing emotions in a large way. With their films not showing any signs of abandoning one of the most important parts of the narrative expression, it is harmless to say that Hindi film songs have demonstrated incorporation of opera music into their films. They tend to retain the cinematic and dramatic qualities rather than become an independent tradition. How music listeners listen to opera music even though they do not realize. There are people who listen to music but they do not know what kind of music they are listening to. They may even be watching Hindi films that have got opera music incorporated in them, but they have never know n that they are listening to opera music. For one to actually appreciate the music, one should buy a ticket so that they can appreciate the music. Many people feel that opera music may not be proper for the first time. Before one sits down to enjoy the music, a little of effort is required from the listener. One should know the kind of work that is going to be performed early in advance. The listener should have learnt, at least early enough, about the music. This is done by listening to the music before and understanding it perfectly well. For sure, listening to the music is a source of joy and fulfillment either at home or in the theatre. The first thing that people should do in order to learn the music is to know the story. This is quite crucial as it helps to know the synopsis and understand the libretto. Both the libretto and synopsis are found in the CD set. They can also be found in the internet. Conceptualizing themes Habanera Habanera is a famous aria that originates from t he opera Carmen. It was written by Georges Bizet. The habanera is at times referred to as â€Å"Love is a rebellious bird†. Habanera is usually based on a scale that is chromatic in nature and descending. It is then followed with variants of similar phrases in the major and minor keys. They usually correspond to the vicissitudes of lyrics that are expressed in the form of love. A brief synopsis of the story of Carmen The story was done George Bizet and this was one of his famous opera. The setting was in Spain

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