Friday, July 26, 2019

Management Change Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Management Change - Case Study Example In considering the movement of an organization from one country to another, the impact of the international environment has to be considered primarily as the organizational structure is highly influenced by the international marketing environment. In this discussion we focus on the nature of the organizational structure and the impact of the international environment on the company that is analysed here and would also discuss the cultural and non cultural factors that seem to affect an organization that shifts base from one country to another (Axinn and Matthissens, 2006). We examine the organizational structure, also the international environment and business environment on international marketing strategies. The implementation of the marketing mix is also considered along with the effects of internationalization and movements of a company from one country to another (Axinn and Matthissens, 2006; Balmer, 2006). ... The focus is on understanding the dynamics and relationship between the origin and destination markets. The four elements of marketing mix consist of the marketing tactics and deals with price, place, product and promotion. These four Ps are the basic elements of marketing but recent theories on 7Ps have added people, process and physical evidence in the marketing mix (Balmer 2006, Gronroos 1993). These elements are important as what customers and buyers get will depend on the combination of the suitability of the price, the quality or acceptability of the product in the market, promotional services done to sell the product and the place in which the product is being sold. Thus some major issues in marketing success relate to the place in which a product is launched or promoted and if the environment is suitable for the product then it would be considered as successful in terms of place, as the place is in accordance with the expectations of the company if the product sold and the ma rketing techniques used are commensurate with the needs of the environment or social conditions. As place defines the social environment, it is an important ingredient in the success of any marketing program and is a part of the marketing tool as the place will show the marketing environment to be considered as also issues such as how far the local environment is suitable for launch or marketing of the product (Gronroos, 1993; Balmer, 2006). The place involves the cultural as well as social values, the lifestyle of the people, the preferences of the surrounding locals and residents, and the geographical or environmental factors that can affect the sale of a product

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