Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Compare And Contrast Lions And Tigers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Compare And Contrast Lions And Tigers - Essay Example The paper discusses that both lions and tigers happen to be big cats that share many similarities and tend to differ in many aspects. Lions tend to be the largest members in the cat family that are found in Asia and Africa. Lions are mostly yellowish brown in color with no peculiar features on their skin. Lions are not good swimmers (Robinson 46). Lions usually live in families called feelings of pride, in which both the male and females participate in raising cubs (Robinson 47). When a new lion takes over a pride, he kills the cubs born of the previous male that led the pride (Robinson 48). Tigers are big cats mostly found in Asia (Robinson 131). Tigers have a striped hide and are mostly yellowish brown or white. Tigers are good swimmers. In contrast to lions, the tigers do not live in feelings of pride but tend to be alone, except during the mating season (Robinson 131). The caring of the cubs is mostly confined to the female. Tigers though being territorial do not kill the cubs born of other tigers while courting a female. Lions and tigers both belong to the cat family. Lions are mostly found in Asia and Africa while the tigers are confined to Asia only. Lions are single colored while the tigers have a striped hide. Lions and tigers both happen to be territorial. In mating season lions kill the cubs born of other males, while tigers do not do so. Tigers, unlike lions, are good swimmers. Lions and tigers both happen to be members of the cat family sharing many similarities and differences.

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