Sunday, November 17, 2019

Term paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Term Paper Example A firm would boost that it has succeeded in business if it has met its objectives. When the firm is designing its objectives, it has to consider factors that would influence the market entry approach of the firm, pricing and distribution. Many automotive motive organizations face stiff competition in the market. This would call for a marketing strategy that aim which would aid the firm to meet its set objectives. Information regarding products of the firm in the market is very important since it enables the business to identify areas, which need correction when designing marketing approach. Marketing survey is an important exercise to the firm since it will dictate the approach or entry behavior of the business in a particular segment. Marketing strategy is a tool that the automotive firm would use to make a calculative approach into the market. The strategy would influence issues such as pricing, distribution, and market share among others. Marketing of products require a strategic entry behavior into the market in order to meet the set target of the organization. Most automotive companies manufacture similar products and supply their products into the same markets. Competition among these companies requires a devised mechanism that would woo buyers to purchase specific products of a particular company. Branding of the company products and employing marketing tactics would help to woo buyers into buying the company products. Automotive firm needs to consider a number of factors before rolling its products into the marketing. These factors would influence the amount of sale the firm is able to make, the growth of the automotive firm and market share of the firm. This paper explores strategic marketing strategies for automotive company. Market survey helps in establishing taste and preferences of customers. Conducting a marketing research would help an automotive firm to develop products that would suit the interest of the consumers. The firm may

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